Pension Fund Services

The quality of the pension fund and the protection of the retirement capital have the utmost priority for us. We orient ourselves to conservative values such as security, stability & continuity, sustainability and transparency. We help our customer to protect the pension fund assets of his/her employees in the long term.

We will be pleased to support you in the following topics:

1. Risk analysis

An accident that nobody anticipated can have serious consequences for the future development of the company. At the beginning of a consultation, the focus is always on assessing risk and danger.

2. Product management

The assessment is consistently implemented as a tailor-made insurance solution. In the process, quality and costs of the insurance cover are placed in an optimum ratio to one another, without any compromises in their intrinsic value.

3. Individual pension planning

The obligatory pension in the old age and survivors' insurance and in the BVG meet their purpose up to an annual income of CHF 90,000.00. Without early individual pension and retirement planning, there is no financial security for high incomes. We would be pleased to advise your executive members in a personal consultation and will arrange an individual tailor-made pension plan.

Occupational Benefits Plans Pension Foundation Physioswiss

VCW Versicherungs-Treuhand AG is responsible for the management of the Occupational Benefits Plans Pension Foundation Physioswiss.

Our range of services

Beneficiary administration

  • Recording and processing of entries and exits / changes
  • Processing of insurance events such as retirement (pensioner information, pensioner claims), invalidity or death
  • Calculations with regard to vested benefits, early retirement, divorce, residential property, etc.
  • Creation of insurance certificates 

Administrative management

  • Creation of statements such as premium overviews, shadow accounting occupational benefits plans
  • Preparation of Board of Trustees meetings and creation of annual reports
  • Communication with active insured persons, pensioners, members of Boards of Trustees, employers, HR, pension fund experts, control authorities, offices, occupational benefits plans security funds, reinsurers


  • Accounting pursuant to Swiss GAAP FER 26

Responsible persons

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